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Frequently Asked Questions

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We perform most scheduled maintenance and repair services for all Tesla models.
Here is a list of the most common services we provide:
• Tires
• Brake service and replacement
• Suspension repair
• Suspension upgrades
• All recommended service including fluids and filters
• Diagnostics w/factory software
• Alignments
• Tire and wheel package upgrades
• TPMS issues
• Drivetrain diagnostics
• Wheel bearings
• Underbody cleaning and maintenance
• Auxiliary (or starting)
• Batteries
• Body electrical issues (windows, door locks, etc.)

Yes. We offer a parts and labor warranty excluding wearable parts ( brake pads, bulbs, etc.) which is 12 month/12,000 miles. We are able to offer this as a result of using the best parts and employing the best technicians to work on your vehicle.

No, bringing your vehicle to LexTechs will NOT void or affect your factory warranty in any way. Furthermore, we enhance your existing warranty by pointing out issues the dealer may not that are still covered under the factory warranty.  We provide this service while saving you money on service and repair.

LexTechs of Atlanta uses Factory parts in most repairs and services we perform. If there is a scenario that an aftermarket part meets our high quality standards, can save you a considerable amount and we can stand behind it with our 12 month/12,000 mile warranty, then we will use it after much research is performed.

No. Our customers have the freedom of choosing from multiple time slots by simply calling or by using our online appointment scheduler. If you have any additional questions regarding service time estimates, give us a call at 678.705.4620.

Have a question of your own? Give us a call at 678.269.4750

Service doesn’t have to be frustrating or time consuming. One of our Service Advisors would love answer any question you may have.